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Coffee Shop POS - Point of Sale: POS Benefits will Percolate

It is professional. When customers see your employees ringing in orders on the point of sale terminal, they’ll know they are in a coffee shop that cares about customer experience.
Order accuracy improves when customer preferences are easily captured at the point of order entry. No second guessing important customer preferences: the drink size, quantity of espresso shots, flavor shot preference, whipped cream choice, or sprinkles. The customer will quickly receive a printed receipt with their order details. Optional barista printing ensures all the relevant order info is communicated for preparation. Avoid confusion and offer personalized by announcing completed orders by customer name or order number.    
    Build customer loyalty and get to know the names of your customers by using the built in loyalty functions of PatronWorks POS. There are no swipe fees. Use our advanced point system to offer customer rewards that are proportionate with the customer purchase history. Loyalty programs increase customer good will and generate repeat business. PatronWorks does gift cards too! When using ordering a stock card design like the one on the left, the minimum order is only 100 cards.

Management Benefits, too. Features such as employee scheduling and time reporting save time and help you know your labor costs. Advanced reporting shows which products are your best and worst sellers, the number of transactions per hour, and other business intelligence that will help you run your business better.

Additional coffee shop oriented benefits include:

  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Limited training required for point of sale operations
  • Unique product modifier enables ease of order entry
  • Drive thru mode supports queuing of orders
  • Retail mode for merchandise sales
  • Prepaid accounts for frequent customers