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Point of Sale Connects with Members

Membership & Club Organizations benefit from membership functionality included in PatronWorks POS – Club Edition. Example organizations include:

  • Private Dining Clubs
  • Golf Courses
  • Sport Clubs
  • Park Districts
  • Billiard Halls
  • Fitness Centers
Each customer can be assigned an optional membership card. An advanced new member wizard enables customers to be signed up using a dual-monitor system which supports membership levels, enrollment fees, and membership agreements. Use an optional driver’s license scanner or web cam to capture a member image. Staff can add notes and reminders to member accounts, which display during interactions with customers. Define credit limits on customer accounts and generate account statements.
Use the same point of sale throughout your organization, from the course, to the restaurant, to the shop. The advanced retail mode supports merchandising of products. Sports organizations benefit from event sign up functions including support of rosters and teams.