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PatronWorks Back Office Features

The advanced PatronWorks Back Office application will keep your business running smoothly, from customer maintenance to product definition, promotion management, product definition, and much more.

Store Setup

The Back Office application provides all the flexibility you need to control settings at the register level. Define security rules, update the customer-facing LED messages, and customize receipts ease.

Payment Types

Define the payment methods that are accepted and how to process them with either the stores credit card terminal or through the integrated payment processing.

Customer Maintenance

Define and update customer records with ease. Run reports to determine your most frequent customers, slice and dice data by zip code, age and other demographics.

Promotion Management

A core PatronWorks advantage is its advanced flexibility in the area of customer loyalty. The promotion management features enable the store to have a wide variety of offers such as redeeming customer points for a product valued up to a certain amount; for a specific product; for a percent discount of a product; buy one get one free, etc. Virtually any promotion can be managed by PatronWorks functionality. Also included is coupon functionality which will allow staff to flawlessly execute advertising promotions such as printed coupons.

Employee Scheduling

Defining employees and setting their schedule is a snap using the graphic scheduling function. Define complex schedules in just a few clicks, like when Tom is in school and works evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from August to December.

Products and Inventory


The back office application facilitates organization of your products into logical groups. Each product can be grouped and then defined in a number of ways. For example, a specific soft drink may be grouped under Beverages and then defined to report under a General Ledger account for Drinks. It may also be incorporated into as part of a combination or modifier of another product, for example bundled with a sandwich and chip combination.


Customers like choices. Providing clarity to staff is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. It is also imperative to optimize revenue and maximize your profit. The back office program enables you to control modifier groups (such as Salad, Soup, Chips, Drink or Size, Shots, Syrups, Whip Cream) and how the modifier groups appear on the screen, providing upsell opportunities. PatronWorks offers a choice between drop-down choices, pop up product selection, and a wizard step through process. Each modifier can be selected or unselected by default as well as other options such whether to include a line-item price on the modifier or roll it up into the cost of the parent product.


When a product consists of several items they are easily associated through a recipe. When a recipe is defined, the PatronWorks system automatically deducts appropriate inventory in the appropriate amount. Entering a recipe is optional, allowing the business manager to focus on core or expensive components as required. Additionally, the system is flexible allowing entry of generic inventory products to facilitate an approximation of your cost of goods sold.


A complete inventory system is included. Define inventory items, issue purchase orders, receive inventory, and transfer inventory among stores with ease. Advanced functions include fulfillment recommendations and processing for perishable products.

Menu and Tables

Menu Setup

Menus are defined in any size desired, 8 columns wide x 4 tall, 9 wide x 9 tall, etc. The first column is optionally fixed to provide for category headings that are always displayed when a sub-menu is selected. In addition, each Operator (system user) can have their default menu associated to them based on their physical location. For example, their default menu could be Entrees in the main area of the restaurant and Bar when they are at that station. Addition of color coding or images to the menu enhances the look and feel and eases order entry.

Table Setup

A full featured table editor provides the ability to configure your on-screen dining room to match the layout of your restaurant, including the definition of distinct seating areas such as Bar, Main, Patio, etc.