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Point of Sale - Front Office Features

PatronWorks is designed for use in fast paced restaurant/retail environments from a single station to multi-location, multi-station businesses. What ever your specialty, PatronWorks provides the flexibility and features that your business demands.

On-Screen Order Display

Orders will display on the screen for easy server confirmation, reducing errors and improving customer service.

Flexible Product Modifiers

Whether specifying the number of espresso shots for coffee, selecting the type of dressing for a salad, or specifying the steak temperature, PatronWorks offers advanced product modifiers. These easy to use and advanced functions will ensure customer satisfaction, while providing up-sell opportunities that maximize revenue and profit.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Through a relationship with Mercury Payment Systems, PatronWorks offers an integrated payment processing solution. With no extra software to buy, world class service, and competitive processing rates, Mercury Payment Systems offers PatronWorks customers an optimal credit card solution. With Internet Protocol (IP) based processing, merchants experience 2-3 second transaction times. Available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Integrated Loyalty Functions

Building customer loyalty is embedded in the name of PatronWorks and throughout the product. Start with building a customer database and connect with your customers through loyalty promotion. Customers earn points and redeem offers through rules that you define. There are never any per-transaction fees with the PatronWorks loyalty system.

Fee-Free Gift Cards

Offer these profitable, brand-building wallet sized billboards to your customers. PatronWorks gift card functionality is fully integrated and there are never any per-transaction fees.

Customizable Receipts

Each transaction is an opportunity to build your brand with the customer. PatronWorks provides a receipt editor to facilitate custom branding and conditional messages to your customers.

Remote Kitchen Printing

Each product can be routed to a specific printer for fulfillment. For example, drinks go to the bar, while food items go to the preparation area. All details about the product such as modifiers are included to ensure accuracy.

Unlimited menus and items

An unlimited number of menus can be defined in the system. Each menu can have its own sub menu and product definitions. Each employee?s default menu can be set and configured for each location in the system. For example, the bar menu can display when the employee logs in to that location. Flexibility is easy with the PatronWorks built-in visual menu builder.