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System Features

PatronWorks is packed full of features to optimize your business operations, build customer relationships, and maximize profits. PatronWorks consists of a front office point of sale (POS) application and a back office system.
The front office POS is used in the restaurant to ring up orders and conduct day-to-day management activities. The back office system provides setup, configuration, and reports. Review the features of the Front Office and Back Office applications.

Easy to setup

Latest Software Technologies

PatronWorks installation and configuration wizard makes it easy to get up and running in a short time.
PatronWorks runs on Microsoft® SQL technology, leveraging the Microsoft SQLExpress® 2005 database platform. This technology provides businesses with unparalleled data integrity and integration.

Hardware Independence

Touch Screen

PatronWorks runs on industry standard point of sale equipment, including fanless all-in-one units from leading manufacturers.
The touch screen interface is intuitive and provides quick navigation. The system is so intuitive to use that very little employee training is required.

International Features

Run Multiple Locations

PatronWorks offers international features such as currency symbols, language selection, and a "skinnable" user interface. Select between U.S. style sales tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) format.
PatronWorks multistore functionality will keep your customers, products, and sales in synch.